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LaBrant Family - Everleigh's Surprise Birthday Party Special!!!

We had the great honor of being invited back to the fabulous LaBrant family home to create a little magic for Everleigh’s 8th birthday. We decided on our Llama Karma collection and brought our cuddly llamas along to celebrate with the super-sweet and ever-so-sassy Everleigh!

Bubble and Squeak, our 2 cuddly llamas had the time of their lives helping Everleigh celebrate her 8th birthday. They brought their little white llama cousin along to join in the celebrations … but they had a dilemma … they couldn’t agree on a name for their sweet cousin. Everleigh came to the rescue and named her “Princess.” Bubble, Squeak and Princess could not have been happier!

The girls enjoyed an amazing night, making memories to last a lifetime. We are huge fans of this extraordinary, generous and kind family.

Here's the link to Everleigh's Video showing the her Elite Teepees sleepover collection: Llama Karma:

And if you want to check out the full birthday video here you can do so here:

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