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ShoutOut Socal Interview

I was delighted to connect with Shoutout Socal who have published our conversation.Check out the full interview here:

About Shoutout Socal

Every day we ask our contributors and interviewees questions designed to spark meaningful conversations. We ask questions about life, work, love, parenting, finances, and more. Questions like how you think about risk-taking, work-life balance, or online dating. We ask entrepreneurs why they started their business and we ask artists what their work is inspired by.

We think meaningful conversations are at the heart of community building. We also think every voice matters and that these conversations shouldn’t be led by billionaires, media elites, or celebrities. We feel it’s far more relevant to hear from the folks who make up the fabric of our communities – small business owners, mom-and-pops, and independent artists and creatives.

Shoutout SoCal is part of the Los Angeles based Voyage Group of Magazines and our flagship publication, VoyageLA was started in 2015. Since then we’ve grown to almost a dozen cities, generated millions of page views and helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and creatives share their stories. Along the way we’ve built a vibrant and highly engaged community and Shoutout is about giving that community an opportunity to go beyond stories. By focusing on topics that are relevant to almost everyone we hope to inspire important conversations within the community and do so in way that puts artists, creatives and local businesses at the center of these conversations.

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