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Meet The Founder

The story and mission of Elite Teepees® begin with a dream and ends with pure joy.


Years ago the dream began when Nikki, then an avid teen dancer, spent her free time designing and creating outfits for her performing dance troupe. Fast forward 20 years - Nikki enjoyed a very successful career in the corporate consulting world, spanning 5 continents, which brought her from New Zealand to America. Nikki then found herself in the enviable position of realizing her dream of building her own company.


Inspiration struck when she arrived in Carlsbad. The stunningly beautiful beachy environment and tranquil vibe revived childhood memories of the simple joys in life. One such joy were sleepovers; the essence of childhood, where friendships grow, and life-long memories are created. This concept now extends well into adulthood and can be used to celebrate any of life’s special celebrations, from bachelor/bachelorette parties, girls night glamp-ins, family get-togethers, or an end of school year celebration; the possibilities are limitless.


Elite Teepees® was born from her experience in business, her passion for creativity, and the motivation to bring something fun and exciting to the community. She dedicated herself to ensuring that all the finer details were thought through in order to deliver a unique white-glove service that creates memorable, luxurious sleepover experiences. All teepee covers and essential soft furnishings have been meticulously designed and created by, her. Even her husband, Duncan with his years of construction experience, built the teepee frames himself.


Today, Elite Teepees® is a fully fledged company offering sleepover experiences to Carlsbad, San Diego and surrounding regions . The personal involvement and care that goes into the sleepover service is a natural extension of the community’s warm character, where the people enjoy their beautiful landscapes and the friends and family surrounding them.


Making dreams come true is Elite Teepees® mission.

Elite Teepees® creates the magic and brings the joy. You create life-long memories.


Duncan & Nikki headshot

Duncan and Nikki​

Location: Carlsbad, CA

Fun Fact: Another thing the Carlsbad beaches inspired?  The colors of this very webpage. Nikki chose the soft orange theme of the entire Elite Teepees® website to evoke the “Golden Hour” sunshine that sets Carlsbad aglow every evening.  The inviting mystery of twilight, as well as the beauty of the lingering sunset, capture the spirit of sleepovers as a time to retreat, relax, and reconnect.

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