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Licensing Opportunity to run your own business that “Makes Dreams Come True”

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If you love bringing pure joy into children’s lives, have a passion for creativity and a desire to earn a great living by making a difference within your community, then take command of your own destiny … be your own boss with an Elite Teepees® business.

The opportunity to radically change your life doesn't come around very often.

Owning a business where you create pure joy, and

are rewarded with giggles and screams of delight,

may only come around once in a lifetime.


Licenses are available everywhere, with the exception of San Diego, California – the home of Elite Teepees®.


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Frequently asked questions

About The Business

Is The Birthday Party Industry Growing?

The Birthday Party industry had grown by 2018 to a $38 billion dollar industry. The children’s birthday party industry alone is worth $25 billion and continues to climb. Parents are continuing to seek out higher value and differentiated options for their kids party each and every year. There's no shortage of potential customers in this industry. More than 73 million children under age 18 live in America today, and this number is projected to reach 80 million by 2050. If the size of that potential market alone isn’t enough to convince you to open a children’s business of your own, consider that this line of work is simply fun and a way to be proud of the service you provide to your community.

Why Would Elite Teepees® Be A Great Business To Have?

The curated sleepover market is undergoing a revolution internationally, and this is your opportunity to be a part of this exciting growth industry. It’s a business that can be run from anywhere, part-time or full-time, so offers incredible flexibility to fit into your lifestyle.

If you can think of nothing better than bringing pure joy into children’s lives, have a passion for creativity, and a desire to make a difference within your local community, then having your own Elite Teepees® business may well be the perfect fit for you.

Benefits of Owning an Elite Teepees® Sleepover Business

  • Earn a great income doing something you love

  • Pay no royalties

  • Low start-up and operating costs

  • Home-based business, with no rent or overhead

  • Flexible hours & time

  • Predictability – birthday parties are generally planned well in advance, enabling you to plan your time, staffing and product needs which can help control costs

  • Highly portable – the business moves with you

  • An opportunity to let your creativity shine

  • Enormous potential to generate income from multiple sources by:

    • Extending services to any of life’s celebrations for any age group

    • Including a wider range of ‘Add-ons’ to offer for sale or overnight rental

    • Partnering with related companies

    • Introducing new product design

Do I Need To Be A Parent Or Work With Children Today To Own An Elite Teepees® Business?

No! (In fact the founder of Elite Teepees®, is neither a mom, nor was her previous career focused on children.) However, enjoying working with people and being sensitive to their desires is essential. Being a parent does bring many advantages - especially for those who are well networked within their social circles - for marketing, and for providing excellent referrals.

Do I Need To Create The Teepee Frames, Fabrics Covers, And Pillows Myself?

No! Elite Teepees® will provide you with comprehensive “How To Make” guides for the teepees, fabric covers, bows and bunting (garland). You may choose to make the teepees yourself or source local tradespeople. Elite Teepees® (unlike a franchise) is not making it mandatory for you to purchase of your equipment from them.

What Traits Do I Need To Operate An Elite Teepees® Business?

This is primarily a women-led business because of the interaction with children.

Elite Teepees® is a niche tested business, ideal as an income opportunity for women in many life situations such as:

  • Career women looking for a realistic, enjoyable, and profitable change of direction
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to join one of the most fun, growing industries available
  • Women seeking to bring in a second income doing something they love e.g. Elite Teepees® would be very well suited to teachers, nannies, nurses, child cosmetologists or photographers who are available to work over the weekends.
  • Stay at home moms who want to keep working part-time.
  • Moms returning to the workforce and committed to having a balance between their family and work life.
  • A competent seamstress wanting to turn her passion into a viable business.
  • Related business owners seeking to add another revenue stream e.g. childcare center, children’s boutique, event planner, caterer, entertainer, photographer, tutor.
  • Women who relocate with their spouses due to work their commitments e.g. military wives. Elite Teepees® is highly portable – it goes wherever you go!

To operate a successful Elite Teepees® business you will need to possess the following traits:

  • Enjoy being around children
  • Strong work ethic - Building any business takes time and energy. You must be prepared to put in the effort to get your business off the ground.
  • Multi-tasking & flexibility - The ability to deal with the unpredictable glitches that arise is essential, as is being able to turn your hand to many things.
  • Physical fitness and high energy - Setting up sleepovers is a physical activity – although nothing is very heavy, you do need a good level of fitness , energy and stamina.
  • Strong design aesthetic / creativity - You will need an understanding of what colors, textures and designs work well together in order to create visually appealing Elite Teepees®’ collections.
  • Driving Elite Teepees® experiences are delivered to people’s homes, so either you, or an associate, must be competent driving a delivery vehicle.
  • An unswerving commitment to customer service
  • Highly organized & detail oriented

In addition to the above traits, there is a wide range of skills and experience required to run any business. If you're operating your business solo, you'll need all of them to some degree, be able to learn them, or be prepared to outsource them.

  • Sales: While you don't need a sales training background, you will need to be able to network well within your community.
  • Marketing: As this is a very visual business you will need a website and social media presence to effectively market your business
  • Accounting/bookkeeping: If you don't have the skills yourself, or an associate to handle these tasks, consider outsourcing them.
  • Event planning: As with Sales, although you don’t need a formal qualification, you will need to have, or be able to develop, organizing and planning skills.

How Much Money Can I Make As An Elite Teepees® Business Owner?

The amount you earn depends on multiple factors such as how many sleepover experiences you hold per week/month/year, how you market the business, and the amount you charge for an Elite Teepees® sleepover experience.

If you have a part-time Elite Teepees® business, delivering just 2 experiences per week for an average of only 4 guests, your earning potential is estimated to be in the region of $26k - $54k annually, depending on your pricing and delivery zone.

Once your business is fully operational the earning potential for you, with an associate supporting the deliveries and set up, could be in excess of $109k - $225k annually (to deliver 6 experiences a week, with an average of 6 guests) depending on the prices you set, and your delivery zone.

Should you decide to have more sleepover experiences during the week, or open up other revenue streams, your earning potential could be even higher.

How Much Time Per Week Would This Business Entail?

This depends on how much time you want to devote to your business. The choice is up to you. You can hold as many sleepover experiences as you like, and may decide to hire additional delivery and set-up resources to service you community.

If you are working full-time on the business, with one associate supporting the deliveries and set up, you could feasibly deliver 6 sleepover experiences per weekend, which would typically take Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. You also need to allow time for the following which can be completed at a time to suit your personal schedule:

  • Client inquiries
  • Packing / unpacking the sleepover experience for delivery
  • Laundry of bed linen
  • Marketing
  • General office administration & bookkeeping

What Would My Start-Up Costs Be?

Start-up investment will vary from individual to individual, depending what assets you already own, and what skills you possess, or perhaps have easy (and/or inexpensive) access to.

No matter what type of business you own, there are a variety of factors and costs to consider e.g. Website development, marketing materials, business electronics required e.g. computer, standard office supplies, legal fees, state incorporation fees, city business license fees, liability insurance etc.

Each Elite Teepees® collection of 6 teepee frames (and 9 teepee fabric covers) costs approximately $2000 - $2500 – this covers everything for the sleepover experience itself, from the teepees, bedding, decorative accessories, lighting, fur rugs, bed trays and party favors. (This does not include the costs to open the business as indicated above, nor the tools required to manufacture the teepees or soft furnishings.)

To kick-start your business Elite Teepees® recommends opening with 3 collections. This will enable you to take advantage of wholesale pricing and to gain maximum flexibility to offer a variety of themed sleepover experiences to a variable number of sleepover guests.

The Quick Start Guide provides examples and suggestions of how to do this most effectively. It’s estimated that an initial investment of $6500 - $7500 is required for the 3 collections.

In many parts of the country you should be able to cover the costs of opening a business for around $2500, keeping your initial investment required under $10k. The cost may be a couple of thousand dollars more in coastal areas. In many cities you can find Accion, or other microloan companies, for a loan to start or grow your business.

Check with the S.B.A. (U.S. Small Business Administration) for microloan companies in your area.

How Long Will It Take To Get Started?

Typically you can get going within 45 – 90 days depending on how long you take to set up your website and source your initial supplies. If you decide to make the teepee frames and their covers yourself, you may need to allow extra time, but obviously this depends on how quickly you can manufacture and how many you decide to make. You will also need to factor in any variables depending on your state and local laws.

Why Elite Teepees®?

Elite Teepees® is the ONLY company offering a licensing opportunity to own your own business and join this on-trend, innovative, high growth market, to become a part of the sleepover revolution that is taking the world by storm.

Elite Teepees® has a strong social media presence and brand identity which will appeal to the Moms of today. For millennials (who make up over 90% of all new parents) social identity is so important that a well-cultivated social media presence has become the new wealth and status symbol.

Elite Teepees® is a full service provider, offering high quality sleepover services, with a strong design ethic. Elite Teepees℠ appeals to parents who care deeply about their kids and want to give them the best of life’s experiences . The majority of Elite Teepees® clients are social media savvy moms who relish sharing new innovative ideas with their network.

About Licensing

How Is Elite Teepees® Licensing Different From Franchising, And Is It More Profitable?

The Elite Teepees® Quick Start Guide will give you all the information on how, Nikki Kay the founder of Elite Teepees®, created her business, to help you kick-start yours.

Licensing is more profitable than franchising for four key reasons:

1. You pay NO ROYALTIES like you do in Franchising.

The most common way that Franchisors establish their royalty fee is to take a percentage of gross sales. Typically this varies between 5% – 9% - so you, as the Franchisee, are taking only 91% - 95% of your gross sales, with the rest going to the Franchisor.

2. You do NOT need to have $250,000 in NET WORTH or CAPITAL to "qualify" as you do as a Franchisee (the average in the United States to qualify for a Franchise.) With a licensing opportunity to run you own business, there are NO minimum capital requirements, NO marketing fees, and NO special assessments.

3. Unlike many franchises you do not need to take time, or spend money, on travel and hotel accommodation for training.

4. Many Franchisors insist that their Franchisees buy all their goods, equipment, or stock from them. As an Elite Teepees® licensee it’s entirely up to you to decide how and where to source items. Electing to make inventory yourself, or using a local supplier/vendor, may be substantially less expensive, thereby saving you money and increasing your profits.

What Exactly Is Licensing?

Licensing is a way of granting someone the right to duplicate, manufacture, or make money with something you created. With licensing, YOU, not the Licensor, control your own business, unlike Franchisees who have to do exactly what the Franchisor wants.


Franchising Vs Licensing... Which One Is Right For You?

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Does your idea of business ownership include the ability to decide how your business is run?
  2. Do you want to choose how your product/service is represented to, and in your community?
  3. Do you want to avoid excessive start-up cost to experience a quicker ROI?

If you answered yes to these questions, then licensing is the best option for you.

Do I Need Permission To Add New Revenue Streams?

No! Your ability to add different revenue streams is only limited by your imagination. Franchisees by comparison can’t sell unapproved items.

What Do I Receive For My One Time License Fee?

For your ONE TIME license fee of $995 owners receive:

  • The comprehensive Elite Teepees® Quick Start Guide to help you set up your own Elite Teepees® business.
  • Use of the Elite Teepees® trademarked name, logo and the other intellectual property, included in the Quick Start Guide.
  • A listing on the Elite Teepees® corporate website so that people can find you in your area.

Do I Need To Give Royalties Or Pay Any Additional Fees To Elite Teepees®?

You will never be required to pay Royalties to Elite Teepees®. This is a major benefit of Licensing over Franchising.

A small license renewal fee of $600 is payable annually for the continued use of the Elite Teepees® trademark and other intellectual property, and to list your business on the corporate website so that people can find you. You, of course, are welcome to market your business with few restrictions.

Who Decides What My Pricing Will Be?

You do! The Elite Teepees® Quick Start Guide will provide you with the pricing structure that works for them, but you make the final determination on pricing based on your knowledge of your local market.

About the License Agreement

Is My Area Defined And Protected?

Elite Teepees® does not assign defined areas or protected ‘Territories’ as companies do in Franchising. Nor do we intervene in your day-to-day operations. You have the freedom to move or go anywhere – no matter where you move you can take your business with you. With an estimated 4 million babies born each year, in the U.S., every town will have many children, so assigning defined territories isn’t really necessary.

Can I Open Another Elite Teepees® Business In Another Location?

Yes. A 2nd location is defined as more than 5 miles from your first location. A discounted license fee is applied to the 2nd and any subsequent locations. The annual license renewal fee would apply for each location.

You may request a “Master License” for a city or region of the country. Contact Nikki Kay for more details by email: info@eliteteepees.com with the words “Master License” in the subject line. Master licenses are available for areas with a population in excess of 1 million people (with the exception of San Diego) as measured by the United States Census Bureau:

Can I Open An Elite Teepees® Business Outside The U.S.?

Yes. You may open an Elite Teepees® location outside the U.S.; however a country master license would apply. Contact Nikki Kay for more details by email: info@eliteteepees.com with the words “Country Master License” in the subject line.

Do I Have To Use The Name Elite Teepees® For My Business?

Yes. As a Licensee you need to use the name Elite Teepees® for your business, followed by the neighborhood you will be serving, e.g. Elite Teepees®, Hollywood.

Note: If you live in any of the Master License cities listed above, you can license your neighborhood or have a Master License for the whole city.

Can The Licensing Agreement Be Modified By My Attorney?

No. The Licensing Agreement cannot be modified or changed.

How To Get Started?

Are you ready to Join The Tribe? Follow these steps:

1. Read the Licensing Agreement

2. Complete Licensee Intake Form

3. Submit Payment

4. Access to the  Quick Start Guide will be sent to you electronically