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================= PJoySetup is a configuration system for your serial port, allowing you to configure the following: * Port number * Baud rate * Data Bits * Parity * Stop bits * RTS line * CTS line * Flow control * Master/Slave mode * Hardware Handshake (optional) * DTR line You can also define how any of these is to be configured, and also define custom settings. The program can be started as a GUI, or you can just as well start it as a server. With a server, you can then connect to it and configure the ports using the PJoy GUI, which also features a Web UI. Note that PJoySetup is not a real time program. It only reads the config after you have configured it in the PJoy GUI. There are 3 main areas in the PJoySetup GUI: 1. Settings: 2. Ports: 3. PMessages: Settings are available in the PMessages, in the Config Settings page. There are also a few other tabs, but they are more for convenience. PJoySetup stores the config in a simple JSON file. If you need to add a new setting, just add it to the config.json file. There is also a helper script included,, which allows you to generate a config.json file from a simple configuration. This is particularly useful when you have an existing configuration you want to port to a new serial port. In the future, I plan to add support for PPortconfig, which allows you to configure the serial port programatically. Features: * Support for OpenBSD, OSX and Linux. * Support for PPortconfig, which allows you to configure the serial port programatically. * Support for custom port settings (in config.json) * Support for custom serial port settings (in port.json) * Support for the PMessages: list and search * Support for the PMessages: send and send_all * PPortconfig and * PPortconfig support for serial port setup (Portable/OpenBSD), kernel & libraries, /dev/serial/input/tty/ttyS0/ttyS0, /dev/ttyS0 * Support for the COM port like




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PPJoySetup elmeamro

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