Ruru the Owl Diffuser

Ruru the Owl Diffuser

Our adorable forest friend transforms your sleepover into a dreamy slumberland. More than being the cutest oil diffuser with an automatic shutoff, Ruru has touch-sensitive power and light operations, simple enough for kids to use.

  • Ruru comes with a Young Living essential oil to diffuse, which helps to create a restful environment – perfect for sweetest of dreams.
  • Ruru offers 10 individual LED light settings with multiple colors. Select any light option to fit the mood, favorite color or Elite Teepees sleepover collection.
  • The most popular white-noise options were chosen to promote a peaceful night’s sleep. The built-in speaker has five different sound variations:- Rain, birds, ocean waves, fan, and lullaby.

We gave our baby owl the name “Ruru” because Ruru means owl, in New Zealand Maori.


Product is for rental use only.


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